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Our team of appointment setters take enquiries from the inbound leads generated through our digital channels as well as through outbound activity such as personal letters.

Talk to us about ways we can generate sales-qualified opportunities, quickly. Our results are guaranteed.



With Sales Wolfs Australia, your budget is guaranteed, so don’t give your hard-earned dollars to companies that won’t stand by their performance.  Put simply, if we don’t deliver the results we mutually agree on, we guarantee to continue to work until it’s delivered. Or we’ll provide a refund for any uncompleted work.  We can’t be fairer than that.

And as always, when we say, ‘mutually agreed’, that means if you don’t feel that an appointment we set is qualified to the level that we both agree, it won’t count towards your campaign KPIs. 

So, get in touch today to find out why Sales Wolfs Australia remains the number one B2B appointment setting agency in Australia.  Our results are guaranteed.


Our company is 100% focussed on increasing sales for your company and building your brand. We set face-to-face and phone appointments with key decision-makers that are interested in your products and services. Importantly, we ensure:

  • All appointment setting is made with qualified companies and tracked for you in our own purpose-built CRM.

  • Leads generated on behalf of our clients are qualified to ensure there is an immediate need for their products and services. Where interest is not immediate, the opportunity is tracked and reported for future action.

  • A range of detailed reporting is provided on a regular basis and you will be fully briefed on the appointment set and the specific areas of interest.

  • Our systems can interact with yours so that calendars can be seamlessly linked between you and your prospects

  • Email confirmation and calendar requests to prospects appear as though they are coming from your company directly

If you need to outsource appointment setting or telemarketing for Australia, UK & USA  please contact us to see how we can help.


Are you struggling to establish yourself as a Linkedin influencer and generate interest?

Let our content writers, graphic design team, and SDRs create content and provide outreach on your behalf, so you can enjoy more visibility, connections, and sales through LinkedIn. We've systematized our growth experience and turned it into a service that transforms our clients into Linkedin social influencers and thought leaders.


Sales Wolfs Australia can handle your inbound inquiries and convert them into qualified opportunities.

A HubSpot-based solution designed for collecting inbound inquiries, nurturing leads into opportunities, and booking appointments with qualified sales-ready leads by a dedicated sales wolfs' SDR while keeping your CRM clean and your sales executives happy.

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Serving a Wide of Range of Industries


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