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Our expert team of calling agents has considerable experience conversing at the executive level in a wide range of industries. Our clients often tell us that we are better at pitching their business than they are.

Talk to us about ways we can generate sales-qualified opportunities, quickly. Our results are guaranteed.

graphic design sales wolf australia
Australian Telemarekting :How much do Telemarketing companies charge? An Australian telemarketing company will look to invoice around $450 - $600 per agent, per day at a minimum, assuming you're working with an hourly rate model. If you were looking at a commission-only model, they will be seeking a lot more money (as it's higher risk).


If you have a telemarketing requirement that sits outside of the general appointment setting, our team will work with you to set mutually agreed KPIs that we will commit to delivering.  And when we say guaranteed, we mean that your budget is 100% guaranteed. 

If we don’t deliver on the results we mutually agree, we guarantee to continue to work until it’s delivered, or we’ll provide a refund for any uncompleted work.  We can’t be fairer than that.

Call us or get in touch today to find out why our 24×7 local calling environment is considered the best available.  Our results are guaranteed.

Our call centers are geared to make calls nationally and receive calls nationally in a localized environment. This enables us to be local where it matters; ensuring messages to your clients for ‘call back’ are left with local numbers. We can do lead generation,  telemarketing, and appointment setting for Australia, UK & USA.

graphic design sales wolf australia



B2B and B2C Cold Calling
graphic design sales wolf australia

There are many effective ways that we can generate leads for your business, but few are as effective as picking up the phone and calling people. Many clients ask us how we have become so effective at generating face-to-face appointments and managing leads that maximize so many opportunities.

Over many years, we have honed our skills and have put systems in place that enable us to personalize every campaign in a very unique way. Our aim is to make sure we are targeting the most suitable person within a prospective business and then use tailored sales techniques to quickly and effectively develop a valuable conversation about your company.

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